Beauty of Harvard Square: Street Photography Secrets

During this field trip to Harvard Square, you will learn how to capture moments of beauty as people enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Sure you can get better at this on your own by taking tons of photos, but by taking a class instead you can improve in just four hours while you meet great people and have some fun.  The secret is to connect to your subject to tell their story. 

  • Are you curious about  how to creatively photograph all kinds of people?
  • Are you fascinated by the many moods and emotions people express?
  • Are you uncomfortable taking photos of strangers? 

Strangers, friends, family, tourists, locals, each bring their own unique challenges and rewards. Feel an emotion first, understand something about their life in this moment as your paths cross. When you see with your heart, you know when the click the shutter. 

This special field trip focused on street photography will introduce you to a step by step method for gaining confidence in photographing people. This is a essential skill for travel photographers, family photographers, and anyone interested in capturing the ordinary moments of life in a way that tells a story.

Some attitudes and skills:

  1. How to use creative, comfortable ways to photograph people if you are a bit of an introvert.
  2. How to master timing and positioning so you increase the chances of getting the lucky shot.
  3. How to use design elements of color, light, texture, and motion to evoke emotion and tell a story. 
  4. How to simplify the shot so you capture the essence of the moment. 

We always cover some basic camera operation tips if you need them so your actions shots will be in focus. 

One essential skill you will learn is to always do a background check.

One essential skill you will learn is to always do a background check.

See the difference? Do a quick background check before you shoot.  In the first photo I did not pay attention to the background so I have the shirtless guy in a strange spot. Looks like his head is balanced on the fingertip of the skateboarder. The second shot has clean background, better exposure and a perfect angles.