Retirement Refocus On You.



Photography can be more than a hobby when you retire. It offers a pathway of personal discovery as you transition from your old work life to your new life identity. Through photography you will meet new people, capture images from your travels, and most of all, find a way to express what you find beautiful about your life right now.

Whether your are picking photography up for the first time, or finally taking time to get back to it, it can be a deeply rewarding and exciting learning adventure. I hesitate to call it a hobby since it is so much more.

Sadly, many people spend thousands on the gear and nothing on their education. They might watch a few free you tube videos on how to use the camera but this does not help you become a photographer, it just help you know which buttons to push.

To become a photographer is to become engaged in the world in a fresh way. To be present, observant and curious. I have designed a special program specifically for individuals who are transitioning from one phase of life to the next.

Yes you will learn how to use your camera, but you will also learn how to see the world around you as full of possibility and paradox. The attitudes and strategies you will practice while learning to see photographically  can easily be applied to how you think about the next chapter of your life. This is an exciting time when new worlds will be opening up for you and old ones will fade away.

The best way to approach this is with a plan. Rather than randomly taking one class here, another there, bouncing around from topic to topic,  let's create a step by step learning plan with goals and outcomes to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Having worked in the corporate world, I understand the value of experiential learning within a practical framework that progresses from one learning level to the next. You choose the pace and we design the path together.

Once you discover what type of photography your are most passionate about, nature, people, urban... you may choose to direct your skills in many rewarding ways such as:

  • Volunteer to be a photographer for a non profit
  • Start a side business offering your photo services
  • Master a software program and teach it to others

Contact me directly to find out more about a customized photography learning path that will work for you. Most customized programs  are 3 months in duration.