Help someone become a Gift-ED Photographer.

Do you know someone who loves photograph? Give them the gift of education so they can enjoy their passion even more. They will thank you for helping them become a Gift-ED photographer. These

Who would appreciate a gift card?

  • Someone getting a new camera for Christmas.

  • Someone going on a trip who wants to improve skills before they go.

  • Someone retiring and wanting to reconnect to their creative side.

  • Someone who wants to have a private photography class to fit their busy schedule.

  • YOU can even use this gift card to get a new head shot or portrait for a website or dating site.

How to order: Go to BOOK NOW and look for the Gift Card option. Click Buy Now. At some point you will be asked to select an amount of $125, $250. or other. The The gift card will be INSTANTLY E-MAILED  to you. Then you can send it on to the lucky recipient so they can book the class they want to take. It's that easy. Contact me directly with any questions.