Our classes, workshops and retreats help you discover how to take better pictures of the beauty of life with any camera, anywhere, anytime. We think it should be simple and fun to learn how to use your camera, your creativity, and your sense of beauty to create images that delight. Every time you see beauty, you falla little more in love with life. Why not spread the love through your photos.

The Flow-tography Method is at the heart of our fresh approach. It boosts the quality of your photos and deepens your experience of beauty at the same time. There is a magical moment when your inner and outer experience of beauty connect.  You step into the AESTHETIC REALM of experience where beauty lives. Athletes often refer to the Flow experience as being in the Zone. Time stands still, your awareness of everything around you is heightened, and if only for a few moments, you feel in sync and connected to everything around you.  Mystics describe this experience as a moment of consciousness or enlightenment. I am not concerned with what we call it, I am only interested in helping you find your own way to enter this state at will through your photography. If I can do it, you can too. If I had to call it anything, I would call it being in love.

For 25 years I have been curious about the experience of beauty. Is it a unique or universal experience? Do some people have more experiences of beauty than others? Is there a way to deepen this experience? Can we capture photographs  within the magical moments of beauty we experience? All I know for sure is that beauty has a secret power to make us feel more alive and it is possible to express this feeling of life in our photos. The world is the The Curious Soul Photo School. And you are welcome to live and learn along with other photography lovers. 

You are invited to join us on the learning adventure of a lifetime. 

You are invited to join us on the learning adventure of a lifetime. 

There are many paths you can take to improve your photography. You can purchase a better camera, learn all the technical details of f-stops and apertures, or just go to amazing places where it is impossible to take a bad photo. But this method, is different. Flow-tography focuses first on your inner disposition, your way of being and seeing. And from this viewpoint, beauty is found everywhere. Better photos begin in your heart not your head. YOU ARE HERE. That is the perfect place to be.

I am happy to share secrets of what I have discovered with you through the Curious Soul Photo School.  I found that the moment of beauty lives at the intersection between our inner and outer life. The camera is a connector between these two worlds. There are some specific practices and skills of BEING AND SEEING you can easily cultivate. These practices will allow you to create photos that match the memory of the moment  more often. We experience visual beauty by reading the  visual language of color, light, texture, shape and line. Learning to use this visual language (design) to express the 8 archetypes of beauty outlined in Flow-tography offer a fun and practical way to take better pictures. The 8 archetypes served as door ways into the aesthetic realm. We explore these in our workshops and retreats.

You can learn how to practice the Flow-tography Method in many ways. There is plenty of free information right here on the website. You can get started shifting your general approach from focusing on the product (the photo) to the process (the way of seeing and being) right here right now. This simple step alone will have an immediate impact on the quality of your photos. You can also signup to subscribe to my blog and receive occasional simple tips and suggestions for how to photograph the beauty of life.

If you are curious about how to take better pictures and experience more beauty, you are welcome to explore the many paths I have created for you.