Inspiring Talks for Camera Clubs

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Why not invite me to speak at your camera club. I have several interesting topics that are sure to inspire and engage your members.  My focus is on the creative side which offers a fresh perspective. Contact me to find out about fees and previous engagements.

Sample topics:

Street Photography: From Boston to Bangkok

Mindfulness: New ways of seeing and being.

Flow-tography: 8 Universal Archetypes of Beauty

Designing Beautiful Images: Visual Elements Revealed

Suzanne, you had the highest exit poll scores I can remember. Congratulations!

1. Rate Today’s Program 1-10
40 Responses worst/best 5/10 average 9.2

2. Rate Today’s Speaker 1-10
40 Responses worst/best 8/10 average 9.5

-Inspiring, energising. I am going to go out and shoot street this week!
-Great perspective on the subject.
-More of the same! Inspiring.
-Great presentation fantastic concepts and approach to street photography.
-Very interesting and humorous.
-Audience examples would have been better on the big screen instead of looking at phones.
-Thank You!
-Very informative - learned some things!
-Explained very well
-This was one of the best programs!
-fabulous presentation
-Nice lady, interesting lecture but I would have liked a little more technical information.
-Great Fun, Great presentation skills
-Very good ~ & humor
-Engaging speaker, hard to see slide bottom in back of room.
— Andover Camera Club Testimonials