Beauty of Fort Point Channel: Abstract Architecture Photography Field Trip.

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. Julia Morgan
Come explore and learn the art of seeing abstract structures. During this field trip we will focus on the left and right banks of Fort Point Channel.

 We will photograph sections of the Financial District and the Seaport District. These established and emerging districts face each other and are divided by the Fort Point Channel, which offers wonderful reflections of the buildings.  I will provide maps if you are not familiar with the area.

There is a hidden structure to architecture what we will learn to reveal in our images. By learning to see patterns, visual rhythm and dynamic tension, you can compose your image in a way that captures our imaginations, inspires us and brings us joy.

An abstract photo is often viewed with the response, wow that's beautiful, but what is it? Abstract photos delight us even if we are not sure why. They are created in the moment you feel a shift and see something in a fresh way. I have developed some simple practices to help you feel that shift and see your world with fresh eyes. I will share 3 of these with you during the program this Saturday.

Learning to see creatively means slowing down to notice simple details right in front of you the have the potential to make a great photo. The things other people walk right by will suddenly jump out at you begging for your attention.

First, we will meet in front of the InterContinental Hotel near South Station. I will introduce you to some simple step by step practices for creative seeing so you can find beauty in the most unexpected places. I will show you some inspiring example photos to help get you started. I will help challenge your assumptions about what makes an interesting photo by giving you specific structured assignments.  I design these assignments very carefully to build your skills step by step.

You will have a chance to try these out right away with my guidance. You will receive individual coaching and critique while we are in the field shooting. This way you can be confident that you will be able to repeat the process next time you are out on a shoot.

We will work with color, texture, pattern, and light to make our photos come to life. As always, this is a non technical jargon zone. It is all about the creative act of seeing and capturing the moments of life with a fresh eye.

This workshop is for you if:

• You want to join a group of like minded people and learn some new photography skills.

• You are interested in abstract photography but not sure what makes a "good" photo.

• You are familiar with composition "rule of thirds" but not sure how to apply it to abstract subjects. We will go beyond the rule of thirds in this workshop.  

• You are attracted to the visual elements of color, pattern and texture.

Any camera is fine for this shoot. You can even use your iPhone if you like. This is a fun, fast paced workshop. So if you would like to meet other people who love photography and are curious about how to take better photos, I hope you will join us.  If you do have a tripod and wide angle lens this is a good opportunity to use the