Semi Private Workshop: Fall 4 Part Series Introduction to Flow-tography Fall Series

You are invited to discover a playful path to mindfulness through photography. Flow-tography offers a way to experience more joy and happiness in life. It is not just about "getting the shot", it is about experiencing the moments of life that make us feel awake, alive and creative. All it requires is our full attention and slowing down to be still, from the inside out.  Over the past 20 years I have developed a method for combining mindfulness and photography in a step by step system that is easy for anyone to use. I will share the basics of Flow-tography with you during this series.

Slow down, take fewer photos, enjoy the moment.

Slow down, take fewer photos, enjoy the moment.

Are you curious about how to take photos that match your memory of a moment of beauty in your life? Are you interested in learning more about mindfulness? In this 4 part series you will discover how to improve the quality of your photos by slowing down to really see and and be present. The results are an increased sense of inner stillness, and a

In this introduction to the Flow-tography method, you will discover simple, mindful practices that can immediately improve the quality of your photography. You will discover why it is important to compose yourself before you focus on composing your photos.

  • Spend less time "fixing" your photos in post processing by taking better quality images on the spot.
  • Take fewer photos. Spend less time deleting disappointing photos and more time enjoying the moment. 
  • Get to know your camera settings so you can easily take photos that are in focus and properly exposed.
  • Discover how easy it is to use your breath as a tool for creating a feeling of calm and inner stillness while taking pictures.
  •  Learn to be more present, centered and connected before you shoot
  • See more deeply and capture the beauty of nature with a fresh eye
  • Rediscover your creative self and your unique style of photography from the inside out

In this introductory series, I will cover the basics of this approach 20 years in the making. Then we will PLAY with some of the practices for connecting to beauty in nature and urban settings through photography. I will introduce 4 mindful meditation techniques you can use right away.  There will be short photograph assignments between sessions so you can experiment with this contemplative method immediately and feel the difference between taking a snapshot, and creating a photograph.

Fall Series Dates:  October 9-16-23-30 Tuesdays 5:30-8:30 pm

Tuition: $350.00 for the series of 4 sessions.

Location: Sessions will be conducted in various locations in downtown Boston including my artist studio at the Boston Center for the Arts 539 Tremont Street Boston MA

Curriculum Outline: Each session will include content from the three skill areas that make up the Flow-tography method. See = Seeing Creatively to develop your own style translating your experience of beauty into an equivalent photo. Be = Deepening your sense of connection between inner and outer experience through mindful practices Do = Technical camera knowledge necessary to execute your creative vision.

Session One   See: clarify your creative vision Be: slow down to be fully present Do: Basic camera settings, buttons and menus

Session Two   See: close up and macro exercises for noticing details Be: Expanding awareness of inner and outer states of flow Do: Using Scene and Mode settings

Session Three  See: Introduction to creative visual language Be: deepening connection to your subject Do: Introduction to ISO - Aperture - Shutter Speed

Session Four See: Seeing with heart/mind to find the pulse of the subject Be: dropping expectations and being open to unexpected images Do: simple edits to amplify the essence.