Beauty of the Hip and Historic South End of Boston

This Photo Tour Begins at The Boston Center for the Arts 539 Tremont Street Boston 02116 the first Friday of the month at 6pm. Reservations Required.

Discover the secret photos opportunities in the Hip and Historic South End. The South End is on the National Register of Historic places and is also home to hundreds of artists, offering a unique mix of history and creativity. But it is not on the usual tour agenda so it is for the Curious Souls interested in seeing the lesser known areas of Boston.

I have lived in the South End for nearly 30 years so know all the good photo spots and stories about the characters and character of this neighborhood. The First Friday of the month dozens of artist studios open and there is a party like atmosphere in the SOWA area. (South of Washington) where we end the tour. Usually there is cheap free wine, and some live music.

Join me as I lead you on a fascinating walk from the historic South End to the hip new edge. You will see 100 year old brick bow front structures lining small charming parks, and newly constructed glass and steel loft buildings lining up against the expressway. What you capture will be up to you. Helping you take the best pictures possible will be my pleasure. This neighborhood is my home so I have a special motivation to show you the very best the neighborhood has to offer.  We will cover quite a bit of ground so wear comfortable shoes and charge up your batteries.
We will meet outside my studio at the Boston Center for the Arts. The studio is located in the Cycloramaa circular building build in 1884 to house a 360 degree painting of the Battle of Gettysburg. I will hand out maps and give the first short lesson on how to take great photos of the unique characteristics of this neighborhood. If you are a local, or a visitor, you are sure to be surprised by the variety of photo possibilities in this neighborhood.

Reflections of the old and new along Harrison Ave. South End. Photo by Suzanne
The urban landscape include many fascinating details along with full street scenes. We will work on various assignments designed to build your creative seeing skills. These will include:
• Looking for fresh perspectives and angles
• Seeing the visual elements of color, light, and texture
• Capturing the "grit" of inner city neighborhoods
• Experimenting with abstract compositions.

When we hit the SOWA area there will also be great opportunities for street photography if you would like to try your hand at photographing people.

Interior of the Historic Trolley Barn also know as the Power Station. South End. Boston

Interior shot of the best kept secret of the South End Trolley Barn build in 1891 Photo by Suzanne (we will shoot this neighborhood treasure)
I can't wait to show you around my neighborhood.