Beauty of Arnold Arboretum: Seeing Nature Like an Artist

This program begins at the Hunnewell Building Visitor Center 125 Arborway, Boston MA 02130. Start time varied based on date of program so please click on date to see details.

A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” – Ansel Adams
Learn how to see nature through the eyes of an artist. Create photos that capture the natural wonders of the Arnold Arboretum in your own unique way. The Arboretum is always a fabulous destination

Learning to see creatively means slowing down to notice simple details right in front of you the have the potential to make a great photo. The things other people walk right by will suddenly jump out at you begging for your attention.

We will introduce you to some simple step by step practices for creative seeing so you can find beauty in the most unexpected places. I will show you some inspiring example photos to help get you started. I will help challenge your assumptions about what makes an interesting photo.
We have designed a series of three specific assignments to challenge your creativity and get you out of your habitual ways of seeing. We will start with macro, then mid range and end with landscapes. You will also have some free time to just wander on your own or with a photo buddy.

You will have a chance to try these out right away with my guidance out on the grounds.  You will receive individual coaching and critique while we are in the field shooting. This way you can be confident that you will be able to repeat the process next time you are out on a shoot.

We will work with color, texture, pattern, and light to make our photos come to life. As always, this is a non technical jargon zone. It is all about the creative act of seeing and capturing the moments of life with a fresh eye. There is a sudden sense of discovery when you get a glimpse of nature in this way.


All photography levels welcome. You need to be in good health for this one, we do a fair bit of hiking on this one covering quite a bit of ground.