Boston Urban Beauty Underground Art Park

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

Greetings Photographers! I am excited to announce a new destination for our group of urban explorers.  I scouted the newly opened Underground Park. I have to say this in an area of the city I would not have ventured into 2 years ago. But today, it has been transformed into a concrete canvas and sculpture park worthy of being seen photographically.

There is a unique feeling to this reclaimed, space. It has always been a no-mans land. Now we shall see if people venture there as the developers hope.  You can see more sample photos in the album created by the pilot group I took to this location a few weeks ago. Check out their work and get inspired.

We will be photographing not only the murals created by street artist from around the country but the sweeping structure above us, and the fringe areas around the park. We will work on specific composition skills of creating balance and movement. This is an excellent area to challenge your self to see with a fresh eye and isolate details that have impact.  Good for minimalist and abstract photography as well.

I will design 3 creative assignments specifically for this location. All levels welcome, you can even work with your iPhone. But if you have a DSLR please bring a variety of lenses. More about this once you RSVP. I don't want to show you too many of the murals here, rather have you discover them for your self as you explore the area.


It is not really located underground, but it is under the Interstate 93. I have made arrangements with the security guards and they know we will be coming on Sunday to photograph the area.

Lets go before everyone discovers this new spot. Right now, few people know about it or how to get there. I will proved specific directions once you RSVP> I walked the routeto prepare for class and it is easy once you know where to go.


"Once you get there, you’ll find a ribbon of colors painted on the sidewalk. Follow it, and you’ll wind up in a world of green trees, brown boardwalks, and soaring, swooping, concrete — the underside of that massive highway and its onramps, whirring with traffic.


Look around, and you’ll see brand-new street murals that use all that concrete as a canvas — and soon, its designers hope, people. They’ll be passing through, exercising, eating, or just hanging out in a place that had long been forgotten.

The park is an experiment in creating new public space in a crowded city, and in how to link adjacent neighborhoods that are on the rise, but separated by roads and rails. " Tim Logan Globe Staff.

Some skills we will work on:

• Seeing relationships between the parts of your composition so they work together.

• Using the visual elements of the scene to express a mood, feeling or story.

• Getting your camera settings right so your images are properly exposed and in focus. This is a good time to practice going off auto with my help.


We will also be photographing the naked concert structures and shapes and work on composition skills. It is quite thrilling to be standing under Interstate 93 with traffic flying by overhead. Unique experience for sure.

Closest T stop is Broadway on the Red Line, Tuffs on Orange line. And there is a parking lot across the street from the cafe where we will meet for only $10. I will provide address to participant list.

Second part of class we will walk 3 blocks over to SOWA and check out the open market also a great photo opportunity and there are excellent food trucks everywhere. Make it a fun Sunday excursion! This is the last day of SOWA for the season.  So lets go!!


 About your instructor: Suzanne Merritt is a master level instructor with a studio at the Boston Center for the Arts. She has led workshops on beauty, photography, and creativity in Asia, Europe and the United States for the past 25 years. She was the founder of the Polaroid Creativity Lab and in 2016 opened The Curious Soul Photo School. Her award winning book Flow-tography can be found on iTunes.  website: see more photography by Suzanne and subscribe to her news letter for special announcements not communicated through this meetup site and advanced notifications of special programs.

Private photo coaching sessions are now also available if you would like to focus on specific skill or portfolio development.