Beauty of Boston at Night Photography Workshop Series

Greetings Photographers! If you have always wanted to learn how to take low light and night photos, I have exciting news. For the month of November we will be focusing on creative night photography techniques for non technical people. The series of 4 sessions will lead you though a step by step system to build your confidence and skill in photographing the beauty of the night in a range of situations.

I believe repetition and practice are necessary to master night photography so I am offering this special series so you can really learn and retain this skill. Night photography is dramatic, exciting and allows great creativity, once you learn the camera settings to use.

The great thing about night photography in November is, it gets dark earlier so you don’t have to stay out too late. And it is not cold. It is good to do night photography with a group or a buddy and a professional instructor.

I have scouted 4 locations in Boston that will be perfect for our night school series. The locations are selected to provide a variety of experiences allowing you to develop a set of skills you can use in any low light or night situation you choose in the future. There are some camera requirements for this on so please see the list of gear recommended at the end of this description.

Over the course of the 4 Thursday evening sessions we will work on the following CAMERA SKILLS:

• F-stops Depth of field

• Shutter Speeds

• Aperture Priority

• Shutter Priority

• Manual Mode

• Spot metering


• White Balance

• Focusing in the dark

• Bulb exposure

• Image stabilization

During the 4 Thursday evening sessions we will work on the following CREATIVE SEEING skills depending on our location:

• Composition

• View Point and Vantage point

• Bokhen Effect (spots of light in background)

• Lights in motion

• Direction of light

• Color of light

• Subject selection

• Visual Elements

• Layers and reflections

• Visual Rhythm of the lights

• Using available light creatively

• Photographing people in the scene

Session Locations, Dates and subjects:


Session  1  October 25


Boston Skyline from Cambridge

Longfellow Bridge

Charles River Boat House

Kendal Square Google HQ

MIT Stata Center Designed by Frank Gehry


Session 2  NOVEMBER 1st

Boston Seaport District

Innovation District Construction Sites

Fort Point Channel Bridges  and Reflections

Intercontinental Hotel Architecture

Barking Crab People

Boston Skyline and Harbor with boats

Session 3  NOVEMBER 8TH

Zakham Bridge

TD Garden


Lock System

Charles River Reflections

Walkway to Skateboard park

Session 4  NOVEMBER  15TH

Harvard Square at Night

News Stand

Charles River Walk

National Lampoon Building

The tuition for the 4 session series is $200.00.   If you want to attend an individual session, the tuition is $65.00 if there is a space. Priority reservations will be given to members participating in the full series. I am limiting the class size to 8.

The full series also will include a live critique session of our work and pot luck in early December. Date TBD by participants once we get organized.

So if you take all 4 sessions plus the critique you are getting $325.00 tuition for $200.00 and you will understand night photography once and for all. Yheaaaaa!  


For this series you will need a tripod, a dslr or a point and shoot camera that can be set on manual. You will be learning how to use the shutter speed and aperture settings so if you are not familiar with this, contact me prior to class for some pre session instruction.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about if this program is right for you. I want you to enjoy this and succeed!