Capture Authentic Travel Moments

Going on the trip of a life time? Hoping to capture the Northern Lights, zebras on safari, treasures of Thailand, Magic of Morocco, the charm of Europe???? This can be a wonderful experience and it can also be stressful. You may feel excited about all the amazing things you will see and you hope to be able to capture those experiences in your photos to share with other. 

Why not schedule a private session before your big trip to prepare and practice. This takes the pressure off "getting the shot". You will feel confident, creative, and ready to both enjoy the experience and capture it creatively. I will help you know that to do before, during and after your trip to make the most of those memories.

You will need to provide me with a copy of your trip itinerary in advance so I can see the sort of challenges you will face: low light situations, moving subjects, animals, expansive landscapes, temples and churches, dark alleyways, markets, etc.....

The customized travel programs can include any of the following topics. You select the subjects most relevant to you. I will create camera cliff notes for you to slip in your pack so you have them when and where you need them on the trip.

  • Camera care and cleaning
  • Subject specific camera settings
  • How to store and protect your images
  • What gear to bring and what to leave home

When possible, we will do a practice shoot in the Boston area that simulates the conditions you will deal with on your trip. You can schedule one 3 hour session or 2 90 minute sessions. The tuition for the customized travel program is $300.00 To discuss your needs, send me an email with your trip dates and destination. I will respond with some suggestions.


Traveler Testimonial

This past summer I traveled to South Africa and was eager to improve my photography skills to best help me photograph my experiences.  Suzanne looked at my itinerary and from there organized 2 sessions.  Our first one-on-one session involved observing photography taken in Africa and determining what kind of photos I was aiming to get while on my trip.  Suzanne and I met at the Boston Public Library to view a variety of photography books.  In our second session we went "into the wild."  Suzanne chose a Boston location to try and simulate what it would be like to capture moving animals while on safari.  We headed over to the esplanade and captured photos of people and dogs running along the water.  We pretended these were animals out in the wild of the African bush.  Suzanne guided me through the different lighting as the sun set in front of us. I felt extremely knowledgeable after my time with Suzanne and I was ready to head off to Africa!  Suzanne printed off information specific to my camera as well as explanations of each setting.  These cards were compact and easily fit into my camera bag to bring along with me.  Suzanne also knew I was going to be outdoors and taught me how to clean my camera and the proper procedures needed to store my photos while on my trip.  Working with Suzanne before my adventure was absolutely perfect and I was able to capture some pretty incredible moments!  Next time I travel, I will be sure to meet with Suzanne again for specifics about my travel destination.  Elise M.