Master Class (14 hours) Flow-tography:Introduction to Mindful Photography Seeking Beauty Finding Self.

This contemplative workshop can be taken as a private master class. When taken as a private masterclass, the content is spread out over 2-3 months so you can sink more deeply into the practices as we go. You will discover your own archetype of beauty by the end of the course.The Flow-tography method helps you take your photos from like to love. You experience an immediate flash of recognition as your inner and outer life experience connect and you click the shutter. It all starts from an inner stance of stillness and results in an image that will be a joy forever. 

You are invited to discover a playful path to mindfulness through photography. Flow-tography offers a way to see more deeply. Go beyond the obvious to the more subtle, intimate visual qualities of your life.  It is not just about "getting the shot", it is about experiencing the moments of life that make us feel awake, alive and creative. All it requires is our full attention and slowing down to be still, from the inside out. You need to compose your self before you compose the shot.

Have you ever experienced a moment when time stood still, there was an intensity and clarity outside of ordinary experience? And in that moment did you see something that made you stop in your tracks, that took your breath away? And then were you amazed to realize it was just a blade of grass, or a leaf falling from a tree? You were in the zone, or what is know as the Flow State.

Over the past 20 years I have develop some simple practices that will help you enter this state by choice rather than by chance and to create images that express the essence of this experience while you are in it. Sounds impossible? Join us to discover how easy it really is. It is all about being and seeing.

In this introductory session I will cover the basics of this approach. Then we will PLAY with some of the practices for connecting to beauty in nature in the Flow. Once you grasp this feeling in nature, it is easier to experience it in urban settings.

I will introduce 3 Flow-tography techniques you can use right away.  We will take photos together during the 3 months  so you can experiment with this contemplative method immediately and feel the difference between taking a snapshot, and creating a photograph. The images created through this process feel very different. They are like getting a glimpse of a secret world the exists around us all the time but only reveals its self to those who are paying attention.

Some of the outcomes of this method:

• Learn to be more present, centered and connected before you shoot

• See more deeply and capture the beauty of nature with a fresh eye

• Rediscover your creative self and your unique style of photography

• The experience is like a mini retreat. You leave feeling relaxed and revitalized

This workshop if for you if:

• You are curious about meditation but feel your mind is to restless to sit still.

• You want to create images that evoke a deeper feeling and connection.

• You would enjoy slowing down and simply being present to the beauty of life.

• You want to take your photos from like to LOVE.

All levels welcome for this introductory program.