Beginner Photography Class: Going Off Auto Boston Public Library Tuition $65.00

Do you learn and forget the relationships between f-stops, depth of field, and ISO again and again? By the end of the workshop you will have more confidence and skill in understanding how to use your camera settings. If you have already started working with aperture priority, shutter priority and ISO, this class will help make sense of the choices so you know what to do in different shooting situations more quickly.  


Camera Anatomy 101: We will explore your camera dial by dial so you feel comfortable finding your way around to the different settings.

 We will practice choosing the correct camera settings for 4 different situations:

• indoor ambient lighting,

• outdoor natural lighting,

• static subject depth of field,

• moving subject, shutter speed

We will meet at the Boston Public Library.  There are lots of beautiful subjects to photograph both inside and out.  An excellent place to demystify camera settings and get the basics down once and for all. Join us to get all set on your settings.

Going off Auto workshop is for you if:

• You have tried using aperture or shutter priority but have not been happy with the results. Or it takes you so long to get the setting right your fall back into Auto.

• When it comes to camera settings, you seem to learn it and forget it over and over again. It just does not stick in your brain. This is normal but can be overcome with the techniques you will learn in this class.  

• You have an idea, but don't exactly understand the relationship between aperture, shutter, and ISO settings.

• You have a good camera and want to learn your way around the settings. You don't feel you are using your camera to its full potential.

• You have tried to learn by reading the manual or from You Tube but are still not really clear about what to do when you get out in the real world.

• You would like to have FUNwhile learning new skills with other like minded people.

One of the first things we will discuss is ISO so you understand how your choices impact the quality of the final image. When shooting in low light you may need a higher ISO. But there will be trade offs to make.

With a little more creativity, camera knowledge, and professional instruction, you can take GREAT photos. What is the difference? When you show someone a good photothey say, oh that's nice. When you show them a great photo, they are touched, moved and inspired by the beauty of the image you have created. In this class you will discover how to really see and capture thebeauty of life.

You will receive simple handouts that clarify the results you will get with each setting you choose.  We will practice these settings together on the spot.

Even when you see beauty the frustration comes when you don't know the right settings to really capture what you see, and you don't know where those settings are on your camera. It takes practice and patience but you can do it.

Here you need to know about depth of field. Aperture settings allow you to choose how much of the space you want to have in focus from the foreground to the background. I used a shallow depth of field (5.6) to blur the lights in the back of the room. This is the reading room at the Boston Public Library and will be one of your assignments.

You don't have to be an artist to see like one. In this class I will reveal the simple but effective ways you can see more creatively and express your love of beauty through your photos. There will be three creative lesson assignments designed to build your skills and give you a few new tools to work with.  In the fun and informative class you will discover:

• When to use aperture priority (depth of field)  and when to use shutter priority.(shutter speed)

• How to choose the right settings within the shooting mode you choose.

•  How to compose the shot for the greatest impact and drama.

The class size will be small so you will also receive individual attention and critique so you can immediately improve the quality of your photos. We want to go off auto to have more creative freedom and choices.

See the difference the correct settings can make? The image on the right has the proper shutter speed so the subject in motion is also in focus.

Weather permitting we will go outside and practice our setting for capturing action shots so you can learn how to choose and set your shutter speed.  There are lots of people on foot, on bikes and on skate boards in the area.

Why not make this the weekend your photos go from good to GREAT! If this sounds exciting to you, please RSVP RIGHT NOW. Class size will be kept small so you get plenty of individual attention. This class always sells out.