Beauty of The Kelleher Rose Garden: Creative Seeing, Composition, Macro

 Meeting point for this program is the entrance to the Kelleher Rose Garden. 73 Park Dr. b/t Peterborough St. and Queensberry St Fenway Boston MA 02215-5250

3,000 roses are in full bloom at the Kelleher Rose Garden located right behind the Museum of Fine Arts. This secret garden is not to be missed. Every color, shape, and scent will inspire you to create dynamic compositions. I think of it as Natures Art Gallery.
About our destination: The Kelleher Rose Garden is one of the hidden gems of the Emerald Necklace string of public parks in Boston. If you have never been, this is your chance, and if you have been many times before, join us to see the familiar beauty in a fresh way. We will do many visual exercises to learn how to show these flowers in their best light.

We will give an informative talk about photographing flowers during the first 30 minutes. We will discuss light, color and texture as ways to bring out the full beauty of each unique rose.  Most of all we will focus on creative composition strategies that will help you organize the visual elements in the most dramatic, moving way. To do this you really need to slow down and be present before you begin. The deeper your experience of beauty, the greater the quality of your image.
This is a mindful practice of slowing down to really notice the qualities of beauty that live in each flower. Every rose has its own personality and it is up to you to discover this and express it in your way.

There will be several assignments designed to help you see flowers with the eye of an artist. Of course we can all see the obvious beauty of a flower but can you go beyond the first glance to the deeper layers of subtle textures and capture that?
We will work with camera settings so you can experiment with different depths of field and subtle morning light.

Please RSVP for the morning if you plan to attend since there are only 10 spots. I always keep the group size very small so you get plenty of personal attention.
This is a spectacular "hidden garden". If you have never visited the Kelleher Rose Garden, this is the perfect time to do so. I know it will inspire you to create some beautiful photos all summer long. You will never look at a flower the same way once you see it this way.

WE are doing an early morning shoot to avoid the crowds. This way you will be able to take your time and really stop to smell the roses.