Letting go of expectations

I just returned from leading a three day Curious Soul Photo School Retreat. It was the Spring Retreat and I had lots of expectations. I expected there to be a beautiful sunrise each morningso we could capture soft dawn light, but we had fog and rain and snow. I expected to take the group on long, slow walks along the beach relaxing to the sound of the sea. Instead we had to scurry out and shoot what we could whenever there was a break in the wild gusting winds.

Nothing went quite as I had planned. Instead, it was more wonderful than I could have imagined. The group created magical, mystical, moody images. We spent long hours by the fire looking at our photos quietly discussing our work as the storm raged outside. We relaxed deeply with guided meditations and enjoyed just being in the company of others who love photography, beauty and creativity.  

I plan to organized a Summer Retreat so will let you know when and where. For now, see if you can drop an expectation next time you take your camera out for a walk. You may be surprised what beauty comes your way when you least expect it.

Wareham MA. Spring Curious Soul Retreat 2016 Walk on the Beach.