I Believe in Beauty

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I believe in Beauty. That it can save the world, change a mood, open a heart in an instant.  It lives in the small moments.  I judge beauty only by the the extent to which it makes me feel alive, connected and curious. Beauty is why I create photographs. When beauty calls, I respond with an image.  Life constantly surprises me with the forms of beauty it offers, unexpectedly, continuously, quietly, like secret notes being passed from the world to my soul. These moment enter my heart and live forever. They make me more human, more joyful, more me. And from such a place I feel the desire to share the experience of beauty with others that they might feel uplifted, encouraged, reminded of the beauty of life if they have lost sight of it for a moment.  

I want to encourage you to do the same. It matters that you translate your experiences of beauty into images and share them with others. Send something to someone today, it may be just what they needed but could not say.

The next Flow-tography retreat is Saturday Feb. 17th in Boston. See the full description under contemplative photography classes on my website.