Macro Photography: Mindful, Magical, Macro Secrets

"I really believe there are things that nobody would see if I did not photograph them." Diane Arbus

During this field trip we are combining two topics in one special photo opportunity: Mindfulness and Macro Photography. Get ready to go slow, see deeply and experience a shift in how you perceive the beauty of life. We will really focus on creative composition skills which can then be applied to any type of photos you take in the future. This is also a great class if you have been wanting to go off Auto and learn to use aperture priority to have more creative control over you depth of field. (how much is in focus)


Stillness. One of the most beautiful aspects of macro and close up photography is capturing the feeling of calm and stillness.  Look at the subtle gradation of color in the background and the pin sharp focus. Lovely shape of shadow.  

We will start over by the Charles River. The light will be beautiful that time of day making your macro shots even more dramatic.

This shift will allow you to create photos that connect your inner and outer experience in the moment. I will be introducing some of the key ideas from my book Flow-tograph: The Curious Soul's Guide to Intuitive Photography.

If you have a macro lens, this is the perfect time to break it out and really learn how to use it to full advantage. If you don't have a macro lens fear not! You can use the close up/flower setting on your camera.

Before you can really connect, you need to shift into a more contemplative mindset. I will guide you through some simple mindfulness exercises you can use anytime any where to help you slow down and be more present. These simple techniques will immediately open your eyes to more subtle qualities of color, light, texture and shape that usually go unnoticed.


Bokeh Technique: Japanese aesthetic of blurring the background so your subject captivates our attention and appreciation. This will be one of the techniques I will introduce during the workshop.

What you will learn during this workshop:

• How to enter the "flow" state using mindful breathing techniques

• How to maintain a contemplative stance while walking in nature

• What camera settings are best for macro photography

• How to create the Bokeh effect and blur the background

• How to make sure your subject is in sharp focus and properly exposed

• How to use creative composition for added impact


You will also receive lesson cards summarizing the content of the class and assignments so you can practice again on your own after the workshop. And I will provide individual guidance and feedback both during and after the class.

I am limiting this class to 12 participants so please RSVP now if you would like a space. I am really looking forward to offering this workshop.

Once you signup you will receive a more detailed email from me about what to bring, what to wear, and how to prepare. We are going to have a great time so I hope you will join us for this go slow, photo workshop! All levels are welcome and any camera will work just fine as long as it has a close up setting.

Join us for this relaxing, inspiring experience. You will meet great people and discover how to take better pictures. All you need to do is RSVP now.

Closest T stop is Arlington on the Green line. Parking in the Boston Common Garage is only a 10 minute walk to our starting point.