Charles River Esplanade: Mastering Manual Mode F-Stops, Aperture and ISO Intermediate Level

"Your first 10,000 photos are your worst."  Henri Cartier-Bresson Time to take the leap and turn off  auto out in nature. By the end of the workshop you will have more confidence and skill in understanding how to use your camera. If you have already started using other settings, this class will help make sense of the choices so you know what to do in different shooting situations more quickly.  
This is a hands on in the field workshop, not a class room setting so be ready to get out and enjoy the day with us. It will be as small group of only 10.
 The situation: You have 30 seconds to capture this beautiful scene as the Gondola glides by. Would you know what camera settings to use to capture the best shot? Could you find those settings on your camera quickly enough to catch the moment? And then compose the shot for the most impact? Where would you click the shutter in the video above if you were going to capture the shot? We will work on this together photographing this area.
Mastering Manual Mode:

  • You have been working in aperture and shutter priority and would now like to move to Manual Mode.
  •  You could use a refresher on the relationship between aperture, shutter, and ISO settings.
  • You want to understand how to use spot metering, and different focus modes.
  • You would like to have FUN  while learning new skills with other like minded people.

With a little more creativity, camera knowledge, and professional instruction, you can take GREAT photos of nature. What is the difference? When you show someone a good photo  they say, oh that's nice. When you show them a great photo, they are touched, moved and inspired by the beauty of the image you have created. In this class you will discover how to really see and capture the  beauty of life.
Even when you see beauty the frustration comes when you don't know the right settings to really capture what you see, and you don't know where those settings are on your camera. It takes practice and patience but you can do it.

In this image I used a shallow depth of field (aperture priority) to divide the visual space into a one third, two thirds composition. The blue space is key to giving the eye a space to rest and refresh.  And by luck I caught the honey bee because I had the proper camera setting for the situation. Going off auto gives you more creative freedom. Mastering Manual mode is the best way to reach your full potential as a photographer.

You don't have to be an artist to see like one. In this class I will reveal the simple but effective ways you can see more creatively and express your love of beauty through your photos. There will be three creative lesson assignments designed to build your skills and give you a few new tools to work with.  In the fun and informative class you will discover:
• How to go beyond basic camera settings and use manual settings.
• How to choose the right settings within the shooting mode you choose.
•  How to compose the shot for the greatest impact and drama.

More advanced students will also work with panning to blur a background while keeping the moving subject in focus.
Creative technique of Boken creates interesting background dots of light. Use shallow depth of field in your aperture priority setting to get this effect.

The class size will be small so you will also receive individual attention and critique so you can immediately improve the quality of your photos. We want to go off auto to have more creative freedom and choices.

Creative diagonal composition combining nature and man made objects.

What shutter speed would you use to capture a fast moving duckling against the dark background of the water? Pin sharp focus and correct exposure. Join us to find out.
Why not make this the weekend your photos go from good to GREAT!

The best part is, you will be learning with other Budding Photographers who share your love of photography and nature. We will be meeting at the Charles River where the light is beautiful and there are plenty of subjects to choose from.
 Closest T stop Arlington on Green Line. Public parking available at the Boston Common Garage.

Easy walking, public restrooms yes food yes