The Beauty of Rockport MA: Capture the Spirit of Place

Rockport MA is a great location to practice your travel photography.  There is amazing beauty everywhere you look. With expert coaching and guidance you can capture the scene in a way that is creative, unique and exciting. Discover how to capture the spirit of a place. What makes it special? What do you love? We will travel far beyond the typical tourist shots to a place where authentic imagery lives.

  • Are you sometimes disappointed in the shot you get because it does not match your experience?
  • Are you ready to take your camera off Auto but not sure where to start?
  • Are you curious about travel photos that capture the spirit of the place?

I find most people want the photo to match their memory of the moment. But are often disappointed in the results. So they just keep shooting and shooting hoping for the best.  Sure you can get better on your own, but it is more efficient to get some guidance. I can help you simplify your photography so it shines!  The secret is to first deeply experience the beauty of the place and then focus on your photography. This makes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph. 

Rockport Photograph.jpg

You will each receive a private mini class during the workshop so we can focus on exactly what you want to learn. Questions about going off Auto? Not sure how to frame the subject? Want to sharpen your focusing skills? It is up to you to choose what you would most love to learn. 

Even if you have been to Rockport before, this day is sure to help you see it with fresh eyes. I have scouted some fantastic areas for our class to shoot. We will work in three different areas so you can collect a variety of images including the town, the docks and the best view on the North Shore. You will also have enough free time to wander on your own while I do the individual coaching. 

There will be three structured  "assignments" designed to challenge your creativity and encourage your unique style of photography. These assignments will come with a handout and a specific skill for you to hone during the assignment. For example, you might be asked to show us Rockport through the eyes of a child. This could require a completely fresh point of view bound to make your images more dynamic.

Join us and discover how  to stop taking the same old photos again and again. "Learn from the mistakes of others; you do not have time to make them all yourself." Chinese Proverb

Then join us and discover how to capture the true beauty of a place. Discover how to see the hidden structure of the scene. Once you see it, you can capture it in your photos. You will immediately feel the difference in your photography because they will have more impact and power. 

This is a "no technical jargon zone", so if you're a total beginner, I promise that you will feel at ease and totally comfortable in this relaxed and fun setting. I provide individual coaching and suggestions so you will improve immediately.