About the Flow-tography Method.

This is about falling in love with your life. Not about changing it, or wishing it was something else, but about slowing down to really experience and appreciate the beauty of your life, exactly the way it is. And then, to be able to capture that moment of beauty simply through your photography with minimal technical expertise.

Flow-tography reveals the secret power of beauty as a source of creative energy and wellbeing. It introduces a fresh way of thinking about photography as a spiritual practice. It offers a way to cultivate our relationship with the mystical in our lives by seeing the world through the eyes of our Curious Soul. Simply imagine that you are able to hand your camera over to your soul. What images would it take? What makes it feel most alive and present?

This instinctive approach to photography focuses first on reconnecting to an inner sense of what is beautiful and true by introducing 8 Universal Patterns of Beauty such as simplicity or vitality. Next it explores how to connect to the heart of the moment more  deeply and how to take the photo from within the flow experience. And thirdly, it guides you through the basics of camera settings so you can take photos that are in focus and properly exposed. (More about our Do-Be-See assignments later.)

Digital photographers like you have thousands of photos stored on their computers. No matter how many photos we take of an experience, they often fall short of capturing the heart of the moment.  Something… is missing so we hit delete. Photos fail when we are so focused on getting the shot, we miss the experience. Photography can be a barrier or a connector to life. This approach can help you take better photos by focusing first on powerful aesthetic experiences of daily life. These are the moment that matter most because they nurture the soul.

The goal of Flow-tography is to guide you through an intuitive process. This process serves to boost the quality of the photos you take and deepen your experience of beauty in daily life at the same time. I think of it as a way to enter into flow, or the zone, and create photos that truly express the essence of that moment. These are the photos we are eager to share. When the image matches our memory; we know it, we love it, we print and share it!  Flow-tography lives in the intersection of our physical and spiritual experiences of life. Your camera can be the bridge or the barrier between the two. It is up to you.

My advice to you is not to just to read this site, get in-to-it! Try it out. You can’t think your way to the kind of photos your Curious Soul  longs to take. Pick up your camera and get out there, the beauty of life will smile for you.