Kennebunkport ME Getaway Sept. 29-Oct. 1st

"To see and portray true beauty is to seek and find the true nature of things." Torsten Hoffman

When you go traveling with your family and friends do they constantly have to "wait" for you while you hurry to take a photo? You know that feeling when you would just love to be on your own and take as long as you like for your photography? Really seeing something takes time. It takes being still and being present.  Treat yourself to this weekend is designed to allow you to do just that.

Take your time, catch your breath, and discover how to take your photos from like to LOVE with the guidance of professional photography instructor, Suzanne Merritt. 

The program will have two parts, town and country.

Saturday Part One in Kennebunkport ME

Kennebunkport is a picture perfect seaside town with a delightful downtown, called Dock Square, that leads to the dramatic Ocean Avenue where cottages and seaside mansions dot the coast along with Walkers Point.

Sunday Part Two at the Rachel Carson Refuge Wells ME.

Rachel Carson was the author of Silent Spring and is credited with starting the environmental movement. There are beautiful trails and abundant wild life to photograph. Sundays program will focus on landscape and nature photography techniques.

Join like minded travel photographers on this mini getaway and take all the time you need. We will photograph the charming town of Kennebunkport, the dramatic coast of crashing waves, and other nearby photo rich locations like Cape Porpoise and The Rachel Carson Refuge for two whole days! Just you, your camera, and a few other kindred spirits. Kennebunkport is an easy 90 minute drive from Boston and yet you will feel transported to another place and time when you look thru the lens. Beginner and intermediate photographers welcome.

You can come and go as you please. There will be inspiring small group discussions over delicious meals,  mini critiques offer by Suzanne and the group if you like, and creative challenges all meant to encourage you to develop your own unique style of creative expression.  Do as many or as few as you like.

Some of the things you will learn during the weekend:

• How to capture stunning photos in all lighting conditions when you travel. We will work with spot metering and learning to read your histogram. Please bring a tripod if you have one.

• How to take your camera off Auto and quickly choose the right settings in different situations.  

• How to critique your travel photos. Which is better A or B. Why is it better and how can you improve it with some simple edits.  

• How to photograph places that have been photographed a million times in a fresh way. This is a great skill for any travel photographers.

• How to capture the personality and spirit of a special place.

• How to work with the visual elements of color, line, texture etc like a pro.

LODGING: If you stay at The Lodge on the Cove there is a minimum 2 night stay policy so we will be there Friday Sept. 29 and Saturday Sept 30th.

The off season price for two nights including tax and fees for a shared room is$178.  per person which comes out to $89 per night per person! This is half the full season price so I am happy we can take advantage of this price. This may change by the time we book so book asap.

The cancelpolicy at the Lodge on the Cove is 14 days in advance of your stay with a $25.  fee. Sept 15th

 If you don't want to share a room you can discuss other options directly with the Lodge since you need to make your own reservations. Their reservation phone number is 1 800-879-5778.  Or of course you are welcome to stay where ever you like. This is just an option I have arranged for us but there are no guarantees we have the rooms so we must book ASAP.

MEALS: There are plenty of options for meals to fit your price range.

TUITION: The tuition for the weekend workshop is $345. payable by pay pal on this site. This does not include meals, hotel or other incidentals.

TRANSPORTATION: Carpooling from Boston may be an option once we see who is going.

Basic Schedule:

 Friday evening social reception for those who are there early to get to know each other and to look at some of your photos. More details about this after the RSVP's are in.

Saturday we will photograph the charming villages of Kennebunkport and Cape Porpoise. Saturday evening we will view our photos on the big screen

Sunday we will go to the Rachel Carson Reserve and photograph landscapes, water, and wildlife. We will officially end at 3 but you can stay as long as you like. The park closes at dusk. The Reserve is a one hour drive back to Boston.

You can reserve your space by going to the Shop and ordering a program ticket for this event.