Beauty of life in Amsterdam NL Save the Date Sept 2-9 2016 price TBD

Have you always wanted to go to Amsterdam? Or has it been a very long time since you have been? This is the perfect opportunity for you to combine your love of photography with your desire to go to Amsterdam. 


I have been traveling to Amsterdam for the past 30 years now plan to share my secret photography spots with you. Amsterdam is a visually rich environment with canals reflecting the unique architecture houseboats, flowers, design, and bridges. But this trip will offer you far more than stunning photos. It will offer you a glimpse into the "Typical Dutch" life. You will be able to experience the beauty of life in Amsterdam in many forms. The food, the museums, the people, the culture in all its variety shapes and sizes. 

This retreat is the best of both, a photography workshop and a personally guided experience to the beauty of life in Amsterdam. In keeping with the philosophy of this school, we will go slow, and not rush around packing each day full of things to do and see. Rather, we will take our time, savor the sites and sink in to each experience giving it time and attention. Here are a few of the special highlights of the trip:

  • Hours and hours of walking at a slow pace, wandering up and down the small cobble streets and canals photographing what catches your eye and stirs your heart.
  • One day with your own local photo buddy. We will each have a dutch local photographer guide for a day. I have coordinated this with an Amsterdam camera club. This way you will really see the city through the eyes of a local. Then at the end of the day we will meet at a pub to treat them to refreshments and look at our photos together.
  • We will take 2 day trips out of the city traveling by rail. One to a charming small village to see the thatched cottages where we will see how it is to live in the beautiful countryside, and one to Den Hague the capital of the NL with very different architecture and energy from Amsterdam.
  • We will visit the Van Gogh museum as a source of inspiration to see how composition and subject placement in a painting can influence our photography. Other museum options can be added.
  • One night shoot to capture the blue hour as the light reflects in the canals.
  • There will be plenty of free time for you to explore areas of Amsterdam on your own or with a friend. Most Dutch people speak very very good English so there is no language barrier. And they love Americans so are happy to help with directions and are very friendly.
  • There will be daily photography lessons/assignments to make sure you take the very best photos in each setting and situation. All levels are welcome. I will offer pre trip instruction on camera use if you need it to feel more confident in your technical skills of going off Auto.

Price and more logistical details will be posted soon. But for now, just save the dates. Let me know if you are seriously interested. I am only taking 10 people on this trip so need to know if you are thinking about joining us if the price fits your budget.

Contact me directly to indicate your level of interest.