The Beauty of Boston

Curious Soul Photo Retreats include far more that just photography. They include the full experience of being in a place with all your senses. Sites, sounds, tastes, touch. 

History, culture, fantastic food, urban nature, street photography, architecture, night photography, all of this and more will be included in your Beauty of Boston photography retreat. It is common knowledge that to learn a language you need to emerse yourself in the culture and speak the language with the natives. The same is true of the visual language of photograph. If you want to go beyond the typical tourist snap shots, you need to emerge yourself in the local culture and experience what it feels like to live in Boston, not just visit it. Only then can you truly feel the deep beauty of Boston and capture it through your photography. The skills and attitudes you develop  during this adventure can be applied to all your future travels. You are on the journey of a lifetime. Why not take photos you love. 

Your Guide:

I have lived in downtown Boston for 30 years and know where to find the visual treasures that make Boston unique. I love Boston and want you to love it too. But there is more to the story.  I am a master level instructor and have been leading workshops on the topic of seeing creatively for over 20 years around the world. I worked at Polaroid Corporation headquarterd here in Cambridge MA and developed my own unique system of photography. I will share this system with you during our time together. It has nothing to do with f-stops and everything to do with bringing your experiences of beauty to life through your photography. My qualifications for leading this tour are quite special. I combine my Masters of Education degree in Aesthetics (design) with background in creativity, photography and living in boston, to create a once in a life time experience for you. 


 We will visit Harvard Square, The Charles River, the North End (little Italy), Quincy Market, Chinatown, and the "soho" of Boston, SOWA in the trendy South End. There will also be optional day trips where we will head out out of the city to explore some of the most photographed sea side villages in New England including Rockport MA.  

Unique features of the Beauty of Boston Photography Retreat

  • New photography skills are introduced each day so you can practice and apply what you learn immediately.
  • Each day there will be fun, challenging, creative assignments designed to stretch your way of seeing and being. 
  • You will be with other like minded people who love photography, so you never need to feel you are holding us up. Photography is our focus.
  • Beyond photography, you will enjoy the full experience of the regional foods (lobster), arts, and culture. These experiences will enrich your photos.
  • We will visit several world class museums collections such as the Museum of Fine Arts, to get inspired and learn about composition, color, and light.
  • Time will be spent in my artist studio at the Boston Center for the Arts. Will view photos on a big screen and hold critique sessions. This will be our base camp.
  • We will visit the studios of accomplished Boston photographers and hear them speak about their creative process and secrets.
  • You will have plenty of free time to explore on your own. Once I know your particular interest, I can guide you to the best locations in Boston. 
  • You will receive individual coaching and critique to help you grow. 
  • You will receive a booklet with class notes, assignments and instructions so you can repeat the experience anyplace you travel.