Photography Retreats Corporate Clients

Organizations have a constant need for creative thinking and innovation. I have combined my background in corporate creativity training with my photography methods to create training programs for teams and leaders. This is a way to give people a fresh point of view, challenge assumptions and discover how to see the world with fresh eyes.  One and two day programs are available world wide. These can be stand alone programs or build into other meetings you have planned.

There are four different programs available for organizations.

1. Innovators Eye Program Description:

Photography has more in common with innovation than you might think. The skills photographers draw on include challenging assumptions, noticing what others miss, and seeing with a fresh eye. In this program participants are introduced to creative seeing through photography and then discover how to apply these skills to be more innovative at work. Great team building experience. Innovators are always looking, noticing, connecting and asking questions. They have attitudes and skills of observation, perception wonder and curiosity. Through a series of engaging photo assignments, these qualities are experienced by participants. 

What do creative photographers and innovators have in common?

  • Their frame of mind is one of curiosity, creativity and wonder
  • They are highly engaged in life, passionate, excited and often report they would do what they are doing event if they were e not paid
  • They see the world with fresh eyes, notice what others miss and find inspiration in the world around them every day.
  • They see the same things as everyone else but think something different. 
  • The look at an old problem in new ways with fresh a fresh perspective and view point.
  • They need to be able to see the big picture and zoom in to notice the details

2. Flow-tography Retreat Description:

We have all experienced moments of elation or deep satisfaction from seeing a project completed. Few of us, however, have had the opportunity to reflect on what about the way a project was completed gives us that sense of satisfaction. Flow-tography is a process that allows us to identify the particular way in which that sense of rightness or beauty manifests that is most satisfying to us personally. Like with anything from wine to coffee, being able to make fine distinctions helps us to develop expertise, insight and to make refined choices. This program gives us a way to look at beauty that can illuminate what gives us satisfaction and what makes collaborative work bigger and better than individual contribution. 

Using photography as the primary means of exploration, Flow-tography allows participants to get in touch with their own preferences, to appreciate and understand the choices of others and to examine the impact of diverse perspectives on creating robust and creative solutions. 

Participants learn about the archetypes of beauty, identify their now preferences, experiment with other archetypes, and explore the potential of combining perspectives through a series of structured, creative exercises. The process may also include other forms of artistic expression from collage to poetry. 

For many corporate executives this is a welcome respite from thinking and talking  and an energizing exploration of doing, seeing and being. If you are familiar with the work of Otto Scharmer Theory U, this experience is related to what he calls Presencing. This state of heighten awareness and connection between inner and outer life experience are what we also achieve in the Flow state during the Flow-tography program. 

Full agenda design and outcomes available upon request. The program is customized to fit your leadership priorities. 


3. Re-start Retreat for communication professionals

A fun filled day designed to “re-start” agencies — to help agency professionals at every level of the organization re-frame, re-imagine, re-connect, re-engage and re-commit — ultimately to re-energize staff in environments that we know are high pressured, fast paced and very demanding. The day helps people think differently, to re-focus on why they’re working at their agency and what’s truly unique about that, and to heighten their commitment to their client relationships. The day begins with a powerful experience that helps discover their personal sense of purpose. Most people believe they are here for a reason, but are not sure what that purpose is. Visionary leaders help employees connect to their personal sense of purpose before asking them to connect to the vision and purpose of the organization. This program does exactly that.  And we do this in a fun way, a photo quest. The take-aways from pastretreats included:

  • The important benefits of looking at things through a different lens.
  • Everything has purpose.
  • We need to continue to push boundaries.
  • We need to continually explore our own potential (as individuals and as an agency).
  • We need to commit to pursuing possibilities for our clients.
  • We need to continually think about ways to work smarter — vs. going through the motions.
  • Perception is everything — and we need to make sure we are challenging and changing how we view things.

This program is a perfect one day get away. Best held in a retreat settingor in a location different from your daily work place.

4. Photo Club Program Description

880 billion photos were uploaded to the internet last year. Chances are many of your employees are passionate about photography and would love the opportunity to learn how to take better photos. By organizing a photo club, you can offer an activity that benefits your employees and your company at the same time

I am now combining my experience in the field of corporate creativity and photography to assist organizations in setting up creative photography clubs.  Rather than offering formal creativity training, this method builds skills naturally by engaging employees in an activity they love, taking creative photos. My structured activities and creative challenges transform an interest in photography into an inspiring source of motivation and innovation.  Contact me to find out more today. 

Benefits and Outcomes of organizing a Photo Club in your company with my help. 

  • Corporate Culture:  Photo Club members discover something new about themselves and each other while having fun.  This build relationships, engagement and moral whileattracting and retaining talent. Images created by the club members can also become an internal resource of photos for presentation and communications building a sense of pride and ownership. 
  • Innovation: Photography builds creative thinking skills and fresh ways of seeing useful at work. Discover how to challenge assumptions, make new connections, see with a fresh eye and explore different perspectives. Visual thinking skills spark new insights and ideas by helping people become more observant. 
  • Wellness:  Just like yoga or running, photography offers many health and social benefits.  Photography is a mindful practice that reduces stress and increases wellbeing.  As a form of meditation, the deep concentration and focus photographers feel when engaged in photography has a calming effect that can be felt in as short as 15 minutes. Even a lunchtime photo walk has great benefit. 
  • Philanthropy: Click for a Cause, Club members feel a sense of purpose and meaning. Images are auctioned off at the end of the year.  All proceeds donated to a cause selected by the club or company. Most corporate fundraising focuses on physical challenges and races. This gives others a chance to contribute using their creativity. 

How it works to work with me.  The Photo Club program package makes it simple, fun and effective to build and sustain interest. 

  1. I offer an inspiring photography keynote:  The Innovators Eye open to everyone in your organization with an interest in photography and creativity.  I will provide you with my bio, images and copy you can use to promote the event. 
  2. After the talk people are invited to join the new photo club.  At the first meeting members follow an agenda topic check list provided by me to easily get organized. 
  3. I help you schedule quarterly photo workshops on topics selected by the club at the first meeting. These are fun, fast paced topic specific sessions that inspire the club members and help them take better photos.  At the same time, these sessions build creative thinking skills. I deliver these workshops on site and remote participation is welcome if you have club members in other offices.  Typical duration is 90 minutes. 30 minutes presentation and 60 minutes photo walk. 
  4. We use social media platform of your choice such as instagram to communicate ongoing creative challenges and to share photos on a weekly or monthly basis. I design and deliver ongoing creative challenges to keep members engaged and build skills. 
  5. Click for a Cause: Photo Fundraising is the ultimate goal and purpose of the club. Each year there is a special art auction where club members sell their work to benefit the cause of their choice. This goes beyond the typical photo competition most companies organize and provides a community service. I provide guidelines and recommendations for how to organize a successful art auction.