Opening the 8 Doorways to Beauty Flow-tography Retreats 2015

Renew your sense of purpose, beauty and creativity by being & seeing.

You are invited to join one of our visual beauty quests: During these explorations  you’ll discover universal paths to a more meaningful life. Together we will open the 8 doorways which lead to the heart of beauty, where the soul longs to live.

Imagine you are handing the camera over to your soul. What images would it choose to create? What makes it feel most alive and present? This is for you to discover as we explore the 8 archetypes of beauty such as Vitality and Luminosity. You will no doubt recognize your true self reflected in the images we create.

Slow down, be present and come to your senses. Then utter delight will be yours. An endless variety of stunning details and incredible vistas will present themselves to you through your camera. Stop hunting for photographs and start receiving effortlessly what is already waiting for you to behold. See the beauty of your daily life deepen, and grow. 

Practicalities. The Flow-tography retreat is offered in four stunning  locations around the world: Boston USA - London  UK - Amsterdam NL - Prado Farms, Philippines.

Contact me directly for full details and dates of upcoming programs. The next Flow-tography retreat in Boston will be held on October 23-25. Tuition $350.00 

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience more fully  what every moment of life presents to you
  • Find your visual voice using your own natural forms of design such as light, color, and texture. 
  • Take better pictures using your intuition and creativity
  • Embrace and accept your unique, creative perspectives on life
  • Discover how to step into the flow state where you connect with your true self
  • Become open to the spirit of beauty that arrives in the moments of flow
  • Slow down, and be mindful. Rest in deep appreciation of the simple things in life
  • Discover easy ways to cultivate your creative spirit making life more meaningful
  • Meet like minded people and have fun learning together
  • Gain confidence in taking your camera off the auto setting to get the results you want.
  • Practice basic meditation techniques and integrate them into your photograph experience.



It is so wonderful to see beauty in the mundane and be a force for others to see beauty as well. Flow-tography is truly life-changing. Marla Palileo Philippines
I came hoping to learn more about my picture taking and on reflection found I was learning more about myself. Suzanne creates an environment that encourages collaboration. It brought out much of my best and I will be spending a long time reviewing and gaining more. Bravo! – Barry W. Boston
It is like you have a moment of consciousness, really like knowing a secret and then you find a way to share that in a photograph. Lisa B. Amsterdam

In this workshop the modality is digital photography. We will use proven techniques to access your creative genius and express your sense of beauty through a mindful and deliberate process. We use the techniques of photography, yet you will be enabled to access your creative process as it applies to any expressive mode.

Unique approach to photography. In this three day retreat you’ll enter a non-technical zone open for all photographers, both experienced and inexperienced. You are welcome with your smartphone, a point and shoot camera or a DSRL.

This workshop is a unifying experience combining photography, meditation, and personal transformation. You will receive individual attention and coaching during and after the program. The weekend will be a combination of short presentations, photo field trips and quiet reflection time.

We will introduce practical methods for entering the flow state where time stands still and your inner and outer experience of beauty connect. From within that moment of oneness you you can effortlessly connect to your source of creativity and begin to develop your own visual language.

A genuine feeling for beauty forges a link that binds us here, in earthly life itself, once again with pre-earthly existence. Steiner


Write, teach, create,… with the sole thought of reaching the hearts of people, giving them something of vital value, something that will broaden, sweeten, enrich and beautify their lives; That will lead them to finding the higher life and with it the higher powers and higher joys. The beautiful eternal now. In Tune with the Infinite.