Private Photography Classes

Private sessions might be right for you if you are ready to focus on specific topics that you need to fill in your knowledge gaps. Perhaps you are self taught and have a solid understanding of some topics. We can skip those and focus on just what you need.

One on One $85 per hour minimum 2 hours

This is a great option if you just have one specific topic you want to focus on. Your session will be customized for you and be a perfect balance of theory and practice including hands on shooting time. You choose the topic from the program list or request something else if you don't see what you want. 

Six Session Topic Series $975        3 one hour live on line sessions and 3 half day photo field trips. (15 total hours of instruction. You should expect to spend 2 hours per week on assignments)

This option is for you if you are a self taught avid photographer ready to get serious about your progress. We will work together to identify your current strengths and weaknesses. Then we will craft your vision of your future photography capabilities. Once we identify your skill and experience gap, I will custom design a step by step series of sessions for you. This is the most efficient straight forward way to improve.

Six Session Personal Project $975 3 one hour live on line session & 3 half day photo field trips. (15 total hours of instruction. You should expect to spend 3 hours per week on your project.)

Think of this as a way to make real progress on a pet creative project while improving your photography skills. Using a just in time learning model, we will scope out your project together and then focus on only those skills necessary for your specific needs. For example, a recent student focused on creating a photo essay on skateboarders. He naturally needed to hone his skills in areas camera settings for motion, and creative seeing for action composition.