Beauty of Cleveland: Visual Elements in the Urban Setting

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Take your photos from like to LOVE  

Curious Soul Photo School Founder, and award winning author Suzanne Merritt will visit Cleveland Ohio on July 22rd to offer an inspiring workshop for intermediate level photographers. For location details contact workshop host Sandy Buffie.

Seeing Creatively Photography Workshop

I believe in the photographer's magic — the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and colour. A. Nasser

If you want to create photographs rather than take snapshots, you already know this has little to do with the camera you choose everything to do with how you see. Do you notice what others miss? Do you stop to photograph things that others walk right by? Do the smallest details of a scene take your breath away? Then you are already on the path to seeing creatively. Join us to take the next steps. This workshop is for you if:

  • You are sometimes disappointed that your photos don’t quite match your experience of beauty.
  • You are not sure what to do to make your photos more powerful and compelling.
  • You are curious about moving off the Auto setting on your camera for more creative freedom.

In this hands on workshop you will do a series of fun photo assignments to discover how the visual elements of color, light, texture, line and shape help you capture the magic of the moment. You will receive critique and coaching during the program so you can clearly see how to apply what you learn step by step. 

The strategies for seeing you explore in this workshop can be applied to any type of photography you enjoy including nature, landscape, people, macro, and abstract.Get ready to have fun, go slow, and experience a shift in how you photograph the beauty of your life. 

Creative Seeing rekindles our sense of wonder and joy. It renews our creative self and invites us to create something of beauty through our photography.

During this workshop the 5 secrets to creating photos we love to share will be revealed. You will discover:

  1. How to capture creative design elements of color, light, texture and line to create stunning images 
  2.  How to use dynamic composition structures beyond the rule of thirds for added impact
  3. How to use aperture and shutter priority settings on your camera for more creative freedom
  4. How to see with your heart and express the essence of the subject in a way that moves us
  5.  How to enter the "flow" state using mindful breathing techniques to connect to your subject

One unique aspect of this program is the emphasis on your inner state. Rather than focusing on how to use your camera or how to compose the shot, we will also focus on how to compose your self. 

Before you can really connect with your subject, you need to shift into a more “in the moment” mindset. During this workshop you will be guided through some simple mindfulness exercises you can use anytime any where to help you slow down and be more present. These simple techniques will immediately open your eyes to more subtle qualities of color, light, texture and shape that usually go unnoticed. A wonderful side benefit is the fact that this method, called Flow-tography, also reduces stress and increases your sense of wellbeing.

You will also receive lesson cards summarizing the content of the class and assignments so you can practice again on your own after the workshop. You will meet some great like minded people who also enjoy photography. Don't don't worry about your skill level. Everyone can learn to see creatively. We hope you will join us for this fascinating and fun photo workshop. 

Tuition for this full day workshop is $125.00

We are limiting this class to 12 participants so please RSVP now if you would like a space. Contact the workshop host Sandy Buffie

Date: July 22rd from 9:30-4:30 followed by wine and cheese. 

Location: Sandy Buffie Designs 5th Street Arcade Cleveland Ohio